Welcome to Flatter

Finding Flats.

Flatter is designed to streamline the flat search process, enabling users to quickly and easily narrow down options. You can choose beween map and list view to help you narrow down a great location and fit. Flats will appear on the map along with the rent and clicking on them will open an overview of the flat details. The results can be filtered using the filter option to narrow down the number of listings.

Listing Flats.

To list a flat, use the big button on the home page to create a new listing. Once published, listings will appear in search results and other users will be able to contact you if they are interested. You can add photos, a description and flat details to improve the discoverability of your listing.

Starred Flats.

Flats can be starred for later. Starred flats can be accessed via the menu and will also appear in yellow on the map.


When people want to inquire about your flat, they can send you a message. If you are searching for a flat, you are able to send private messages to the flat host.


You will receive notifications when other users apply to your listing or make comments on an existing conversation. These can be viewed by clicking the bell icon in the menu bar.